Smile Design / Veneers


Single Veneer

We all deserve to have a smile that instills confidence and lights up a room. Your smile is the ultimate expression of who you are; it conveys health and joy.

Everyday we hear stories from people who tell us about being afraid to smile because of crooked, chipped, discolored or broken teeth. Our team can change that through a process called smile design using Porcelain Veneers.

To design your ideal smile, we use a thin shell of porcelain which bonds to the front and top of teeth, closing spaces,reshaping and whitening your smile.


Multiple Veneers

In many cases, a veneer may actually strengthen teeth because the porcelain veneer material bonds with natural tooth structure and improves enamel durability.

Our smile Design patients leave the practice with new and improved smiles and restored sense of self-confidence.



Actual patients of Dr. Dahm